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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), get found on the internet.

Nettl :concierge [OPTIMISER.

Everybody wants to be number one on Google. The reality is, it requires a large ongoing budget and significant resource.

Laying the foundations for a search engine friendly website. This should be your starting point if you’re serious about the future rankings of your website. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is complex and ever changing. Put very simply, it’s about relevance and authority.

Relevance, or on-page SEO, is all about whether search engines can find information on your site that is relevant to the user’s search term. Authority, or off-page SEO, is how much search engines trust your website and determines where you rank.

The rules for both are varied and complex. They change regularly according to the search engine and its algorithms. There are no quick wins with Optimisation. But you can start by making your website relevant to what your audience is searching for.

Talk to us about how you can make your site more relevant with Optimisation.

Monitor ongoing performance.

Understand the impact of your marketing campaigns and the journey your customers take to get the best return on your marketing investment.

A good place to start is to make sure that Google Analytics is set up correctly. This lets you see the number of visitors. The device they use. Where they are. How they found you. The pages they visited. Bounce rates, and much more. This leads to Optimisation.

All of this information helps you understand what marketing works and what does not. It gives you an insight to where improvements can be made.

There is so much data it can seem overwhelming. We can help you understand what to monitor. So that you can plan strategies to improve your website’s performance and Optimisation.

Talk to us about how to get this information. And how you can use it effectively for better Optimisation.

React and adapt.

With full visibility of results, you can now make decisions about what to improve and change. Add new landing pages, features or promotions to get the best out of the visits to your website. This is Optimisation working for you.

Monitoring and analysing Google Analytics data can be incredibly powerful. But it is useless unless you act upon the data it gives you. Two of the key performance indicators that you should be constantly looking to improve are conversion and bounce rates. Making small improvements, and monitoring their impact, helps you continually develop your customer’s journey.

Getting the maximum return on your investment relies upon not only on your ability to react. But also your ability to continually evolve your marketing activity. See :concierge [PROMOTER for our marketing solutions.

The best results come from a cycle of ongoing improvements and Optimisation. Be that a new landing page (see :concierge [CARE), changes to your email marketing, or a new direct mail campaign.

Optimise your site’s content in a structured way.

Help search engines identify the relevance of your pages.

Identify keywords based on search volume.

Balance keyword targeting with usability and user experience.

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